ECF – Behind the scenes (part II)

by Markos Kiosseoglou

(Continued from Part I)

Finally, after months of preparation, the day comes when the actual Career Fair Weekend (comprised of an Exhibition Day and two Interview Days) is just a few hours away. And on the night before (usually a Friday) is when magic happens. One cannot describe the feeling of seeing the MIT Johnson Truck converted from a simple gym to an Exhibition center within only a few hours (see video in the end).

Even if up to that point you were not part of the AV/Booklet/Shipping or whatever else team, you are now ready to help and contribute. It’s incredible to see people running around, setting up tables, chairs, curtains and anything else necessary in order to have everything ready for the following day. It is like pieces of a puzzle coming together. And this is part of the magic of the ECF. Even if you are not completely aware of it, you are contributing to something great. And it really feels so strange to be part of the magic, part of the team.

During the Fair Day, the magic continues and you feel really proud to be part of this. I personally felt like being a host to my own party. And as a host you have privileges and obligations. You get the chance to welcome the companies as if they are your guest, get the chance to talk to experienced professionals that you would never had the chance to talk to in other circumstances but at the same time as a host you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and be ready to overcome any difficulties.

Concluding I really enjoyed being part of the 2012 ECF team. I made some good friends that I will hopefully stay in touch with, met some interesting people and invested my time to something that was completely worth it. A Career Fair organized by a group of students, for students across the globe who study in the United States.


Where would you like to work?

Recently we asked some of this year’s participants of the European Career Fair which company they would they like to work.  Here are some of their answers:

“I would like to work for Samsung because they are an innovative and high tech company, leader in mobile phone device.” – Frederic H.

“I would like to work for Genzyme, because I am interested in biotechnology and would like to help change peoples lives.” – Brittany B.

“I would like to work for AkzoNobel, because I’d like to bring some more color into my world.” -Koen V.

“I would like to work for a medium size biotech company, because they have all the advantages of a small company and (hopefully) all the money of a large one.” – Ida L.

“I would like to work for the whole world, because I believe that everything is possible if 7 billion of us are united.”
– Cynthia D.

Where would you like to work? And why?  We would love to hear from you about your favorite companies in the comments below, on our Facebook or Twitter!

10 Reasons to Attend the European Career Fair at MIT

ECF2010By now you probably have heard about the European Career Fair at MIT and asked yourself a question: “Should I go?”. The right answer is “Yes, you should!” After all, you have nothing to lose, but only to gain.

Here are ten reasons why you should attend ECF in 2013:

  1. Meet face-to-face with influential European employers, who might be out of your reach any other day.
  2. Learn about European work culture and career growth opportunities.
  3. Measure yourself against your competition (who may become your new friends and/or sources of career advice).
  4. Practice your networking, interviewing and pitching skills.
  5. Polish and update your resume.
  6. Perfect your professional smile and posture.
  7. Practice all the languages you speak.
  8. Get out on a Saturday in February, may it freeze or snow.
  9. Air out your “interview outfit” and check if it still fits.
  10. Meet all the beautiful people who organize this unique career fair for you.

Convinced? We thought so. Now all you have to do is submit your resume by December 15 and come use this unique opportunity the best way you can. Just one warning – it MAY change your life. We will tell you more about that in one of our next posts – stay tuned.