Are You Ready?

The European Career Fair 2013 is tomorrow (Saturday February 23) – are you ready? Here are ten short pieces of advice.

By now you should have:

  1. Your resume uploaded in our database.
  2. Your resume polished, proofread (at least twice), printed and ready to present.
  3. Your business cards including all essential information picked up from your mailbox.
  4. Your LinkedIn profile updated and your overall social media presence cleaned.
  5. Your research on companies participating at the career fair finished & questions written down.
  6. Your professional outfit cleaned, ironed and fitting.
  7. Checked out the schedule of the fair, so you don’t miss a thing.  
  8. Found the best and fastest way on a Saturday morning to be at the fair on time or even better early.
  9. Your week’s work finished early on Friday, so you can get enough sleep before the big day!
  10. Your pitch practiced to perfection!

If you have any other advice, please comment in the section below.

Other than that  – GOOD LUCK and see you at the 17th European Career Fair!



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