“How ECF Changed My Work Life”

by Carolin Straub

While contemplating what to do with my life once I finished my PhD thesis in Neuropharmacology, I stumbled across the European Career Fair at MIT.  At that point in my life, the only thing I was sure about was that I wanted to move back to Europe in the long-run and start a career in the pharma business.  There is hardly a better place to find out about opportunities in this field than the European Career Fair.

Browsing through the ECF program, I quickly realized that there were a number of attractive potential employers and one of them particularly caught my eye: Novo Nordisk.  This Danish pharma company offered 2-year rotational Graduate programs where you get training and insights into different parts of the organization, not only for people with a business background, but also for scientists like me.  Exactly what I was looking for!

Really excited about this, I sent an e-mail to their contact person telling them a bit about myself.  The next day I received an invitation for a first informal interview during the European Career Fair.  During the interview, I was able to learn more about the program and the company, after which I decided to submit my official application.  A few months later, after some more interviews and an assessment, I started the Novo Nordisk Graduate program in clinical development.

The following two years were a really interesting journey providing me with many new  insights into the world of clinical trials and real hands-on experience.  Well-equipped with industry insights after completing the program, I took up a new career challenge and now I am working for a medical communication agency based in my home country, Germany.  Medical communications is a field that I would have rarely heard about without having worked in pharmaceutical industry. I am happy to say that I really love what I am doing and without the European Career Fair I probably would not have ended up where I am now.  Thanks, ECF!


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